A Brief Obituary to Cosmo the fish

Random Whirlpool by Gabriel Jani
Cosmo was a red Beta fish that I owned for exactly 3 months. I don't have any pictures so here is a picture of a red beta:

Cosmo was a half-moon twin tail fish that had "issues." When I first got him, he swam around the bowl excitedly for an hour. Then he retreated into the safety of his "cave." Cosmo's bowl consisted of a fake plant, gravel, and something that resembled a barrel. It was hollow. This was his cave. The poor fish always hid in his cave. He would not come out of it. At first, we thought he was lazy. Then we realized he was really, really shy. On the rare occasions when we came down and he was swimming about, he would dart quickly into his cave. We tried coaxing him out. It probably scared him more. Whenever we tried to feed him, he would not come out of his cave to get it. We wondered if he ever did actually eat. I still have no idea. In his final days, Cosmo often was lying outside the cave on his side on the …

Using HTML tags in comments

Random Whirlpool by Gabriel Jani
Some of you who have seen me make text italicized and bold in comments have asked me how I do this. Command-I does not work, not Command-B, and the comments provide no options to do this sort of thing. So how do you do it? By using HTML, of course. This is a really basic tutorial on using HTML in comments.

Blogger allows 5 HTML tags in comments. For those of you who do not know what a tag is, it is basically an HTML function to make things bold, italicized, etc. The five tags it does allow are: <a>, <i>, <b>, <em> and <strong>. It used to allow the <u> tag to make text underlined, but HTML 5 took away that function. Now <u> is used to show which Chinese names are proper (that is at least how I have heard it). We will go into a bit of detail into each of the tags.

<a> : This is a tag that you should all be familiar with. You use it every single day in the <a href="url">text</a> code. T…

The Quirks of Hamsters (4)

Random Whirlpool by Gabriel Jani
     This is the fourth update on my two Roborovski Dwarf hamsters. We cleaned their cage (again) last week, and afterwards, they immediately went to a spot and started digging. I guess that is where their stash of food was hoarded for that week. I think it is fairly reasonable to guess that they hide it in a different place each time we clean the cage.

     How disappointing would it be to be a hamster and work so hard to hoard food only to have it disappear every week?
     Anyways, I tried to get some good photos of them after we cleaned the cage. Here they are:

While I was taking the photo of one, the other one noticed the door was open and (almost) made a break for it. Fortunately, I got the door shut before he got out.

     Just two nights ago, I came into the room where their cage is just when one of them came out. He looked around, and then went to a spot right behind the food bowl. He dug for a moment, and then I heard little chewing sounds. S…

The Grandfather Paradox

Random Whirlpool by Gabriel Jani
(Written on Monday as a saved post in case I needed something quick)

I know it may sound crazy, but I just learned about this today, and I am still gripping my head and moaning "why, why, why." I tried drawing a diagram so this would make more sense but it doesn't.

For those of you who don't know the paradox, it is this: A man goes back in time and kills his grandfather as a child. But then his grandfather wouldn't have been able to reproduce. So therefore, the man who killed his grandfather would not exist. So he could not have gone back in time to kill his grandfather. So therefore, his grandfather still exists. So the man was born and was able to go back in time to kill his grandfather. But, if he does kill his grandfather, his grandfather was never able to reproduce, which means he could not have gone back in time and killed his . . . AGGGGGHHHHHH. I HATE this thing. It makes absolutely no sense. I can see why it is called a p…

Three Truths and a Lie

Random Whirlpool by Gabriel Jani
I did not really have any ideas for today, so here is an old prompt, three truth's and a lie.

1. I have two Robo Dwarf Hamsters, the smaller is Dash and the bigger one is Ace

2. I have personally met Buzz Aldrin. Talked to him. Asked him a question. Shaken his hand.

3. I HATE onions with every bit of my soul. I hate them. And you cannot get rid of them, because they are in every food. Little buggers. 
4. I have been to England. 

Want to know which one is the lie? You are going to have to figure out how to figure that out all on your own....... ;)
By the way, I did not actually write this in Argentina. I was just messing around with the "location" thing.

Rants are useless!

Random Whirlpool by Gabriel Jani
I mean, rants do absolutely nothing! Especially the ones that go on and on and on about something that the person blogging hates but nobody else does....I hate those so much! What do they accomplish? Nothing! What do they add to the world? Nothing! What do they do to change the minds of others? Well, nothing good, that is for sure. Me personally, you will never, ever, see me ranting about anything! If you do see me ranting, you may classify me as the biggest hypocrite you have ever seen, but that will never happen, because I do not rant! Because I hate ranting! People, do not rant! About anything! And do not make it go on and on and on even after you get your point across, because that just makes the rant worse! I swear, if I could have a penny for every person who rants about something useless, I would be a millionaire! So don't rant! Period! About nothing! Even Dwarf Hamsters! Please people, do not rant about ANYTHING because ranting is horrible …

What would life be like as a hamster?

Random Whirlpool by Gabriel Jani
Well for one thing, you wouldn't have to do much. Maybe you would just sleep all day. Or drink some water.
And of course, the things hamsters are best at:

Eating. What would it be like to worry about nothing but when the next food refill would come? Oh No! Wait, you forgot! You do have to worry about something. Saving food for the winter. So you quickly stuff food into your cheek pouches to save for later.
You fill your cheek pouches until you are as wide as you are tall and long - making you a furry little beach ball. Your owners would come and look at you and stroke the cage to try to wake you up. And when you poke your little nose out with your eyes half closed, they go "awwwww" and "well hello little guy." And your life is very peaceful, until one day....
The humans walk around going "hmm, they are starting to smell a little hamster-ish." What are they talking about? you wonder. Then, they start carrying the cage t…