A Brief Obituary to Cosmo the fish

Random Whirlpool by Gabriel Jani
Cosmo was a red Beta fish that I owned for exactly 3 months. I don't have any pictures so here is a picture of a red beta:

Cosmo was a half-moon twin tail fish that had "issues." When I first got him, he swam around the bowl excitedly for an hour. Then he retreated into the safety of his "cave."
Cosmo's bowl consisted of a fake plant, gravel, and something that resembled a barrel. It was hollow. This was his cave.
The poor fish always hid in his cave. He would not come out of it. At first, we thought he was lazy. Then we realized he was really, really shy. On the rare occasions when we came down and he was swimming about, he would dart quickly into his cave. We tried coaxing him out. It probably scared him more.
Whenever we tried to feed him, he would not come out of his cave to get it. We wondered if he ever did actually eat. I still have no idea.
In his final days, Cosmo often was lying outside the cave on his side on the gravel. Then, one day, he died. We talked to the expert at Pet Smart and described the "laying-on-his-side" thing, and he told us it sounded like a bladder infection. So my poor fish died of a bladder infection. After the death of Cosmo I got my two Roborovski Dwarf hamsters, which, fortunately, do not always hide in their igloo.